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puzzle park

Redevelopment of an empty space in a park as an opportunity to place a “missing piece of a puzzle” between various parts now separated, and to reclaim a portion of territory now foreign to the environment, as a rock in the middle of a river.We wanted to: give permeability to the area, break the enclosed space, use the strengths of the site (large green areas, panoramic views, flora, …), achieve a sustainable intervention (socially and economically). Puzzle park creates territorial continuity, brings connections, it connects to the existing pedestrian paths, becomes a point of attraction. It is thought as a welcoming space for everyone: children and elderly, young people, people with sensory and motor issues, residents, vacationers and tourists. “Green for All”, is designed using as a reference the weak users (children, the disabled, the elderly, …) to get a space more interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

The park say something about the place and his environment through different trails: in art, in nature, in the alpine flora, in the seasons, in the senses: sight (panoramic views, pleasant views, look at the stars, sunbathing), hearing (the wind, the birds,…), taste (the fruits), touch (with hands and feet), smell (perfumes,…).  The park aims to be:

  • Sensiteve. it takes into account its naturalness: shape, nature of the soil, climate, local species, …
  • Mutable. it change with the different seasons: plants provide shade in summer and let in the sun in winter, give different color in autumn and fruits in summer, attract butterflies, are home for squirrels and other animals. The trees have not only different colors in autumn but different aspects in winter: some lose their leaves, other wither, other retain different colors.
  •  flexible for future events and functions. it is suitable to be used in multiple ways by users, but also by the management that can organize different things and change the offer.
  •  Playful. a space to be used in a personal way. From surveys made ​​in the surrounding area, it could be seen that the local children still play as in the past, in a free and non-encoded way, using the space with simple elements.
  • Practical. a place where you can do things; the park is not born by aesthetic desire, but by what you can do there.

A space to live in a personal way.puzzlepark04 puzzlepark 02 puzzlepark 01

  1. Gianpietro Bertoli #

    ciao perfettamente in linea. Speriamo .. capiscano. Pietro

    22 aprile 2013
  2. Gianpietro Bertoli #

    Speriamo che tutti quanti abbiano la medesima sensibilità per realizzarlo proprio così, senza che cose essenziali siano ritenute inutili.

    22 aprile 2013


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